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Rahul Gandhi accused BJP led government for D.K. Shivkumar arrest and calls it an example of  dirty politics . In his latest tweet former congress president blamed  government is  taking help of ED/CBI to put opponent leader under false charges .

In his tweet he said “The arrest of DK Shivakumar is another example of the vendetta politics unleashed by the Govt, using agencies like the ED/CBI & a pliant media to selectively target individuals. ”


Today Delhi court passed orders to send congress leader to jail till 13th September on which shashi tharoor and other party leaders asked the reason for jail after the accused leader agreed to cooperate .kumar’s supporters are lashing out in public demanding for his release from custody  they protested violently in the state of Karnataka by blocking the roads , highways situation got so worse that school of some parts in Karnataka where the violence broke were closed .


The minister has been accused for money laundering and tax evasion the income tax department .In 2017 his offices and residence were raided by IT department over the suspicion of tax irregularities .Resort registered under the name of his brother D.K. Suresh was also searched by IT officers .The raid was carried out by CRPF personnel after 44 Gujarat legislative assembly members left congress to join the opposition .It is said that over 8 crore rupees were seized from houses in the capital region and another 2 crore were collected from other undisclosed locations at last after the completion of raid an estimated undisclosed amount of 300 crore is said to be confiscated during the successful raid .


In 2015  in Shanthinagar district of Bengaluru  the minister was accused with his brother for illegally taking over 66 acres of land which was allotted for poor people by the government the allegations were put by some activists but later HS Prasad cooperation minister during that time gave clean chit to the minister by saying that the allegations were baseless as no clue was found against the accused .

In the same year Karnataka high court issued a notice under the name of a few mining companies and minister along with some of his close family member for doing illegal mining .


On September 3 2019 minister tweeted for his followers “I congratulate my BJP friends for finally being successful in their mission of arresting me. The IT and ED cases against me are politically motivated and I am a victim of BJP’s politics of vengeance and vendetta.” and he also added “I appeal to my party cadre, supporters and well-wishers to not be disheartened as I have done nothing illegal. I have full faith in God & in our country’s Judiciary and am very confident that I will emerge victorious both legally and politically against this vendetta politics.” under the same tweet .

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