It’s not every day when our politicians receive their report card from public in the form of election’s result. So yes today was one of those days when politicians are off the hook biting their nails and also shivering with nervousness and I know due to the Indian election system these days comes quite often in our country as this is the best feature of democracy where public get to choose who’ll be their new leader.

So today was the result day of general election to Vidhan Sabha of state of Haryana and Maharashtra also today was the result day for bye election to Vidhan Sabha.

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Bharatiya janata party emerged to be the winner in Maharashtra but shockingly the competition in Haryana is rather neck to neck although both the parties are claiming to form government but chances are BJP will get the support needed.

In bye elections too BJP won on some unexpected  seats  like in Assam on 3 seats, in Kerala through their alliance with ADMK on 2 seats and it should be noted that chances of their win in both the regions were rather low. On the other hand they lost 3 of their seats to INC (Indian Natioanl Congress) in Gujarat where they were expected to win all the seats.

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In Haryana Bhartiya Janata Party has won over 40 seats and Congress has won on 31 seats. It is quite shocking after the defeat of congress this year in Lok Sabha elections as no one was expecting such a neck to neck fight in the state where political pandits declared a clear sweep by ruling party over the opposition. So what happened ?

This has occurred many times before in elections as you can not really judge the correct sentiment of people always but this time it’s a bit awkward because Congress did not perform well during the pre election period as they were lacking leadership in their party after the defeat of this year’s lok sabha election so no one was expecting this kind of come back.


They are claiming it to be but who know’s as they got defeated in other states quite as expected but this is definitely a scratch in back for Bhartiya janata party as they would have to  re think of their strategy for the areas they lost to opposition. One election can not called a come back but it can be a wake up call for them as they should get back on track for some people who are expecting from them and voted for them.

While talking about the opposition it should be noted that Aam Aadmi Party was not able to win a single seat and this was not surprising as it was quite expected due to the parties consistent under performance.

What is happening in Mahahrashtra ?

Here the ruling government is all clear to form the government under the leadership Devendra Fadnavis. But their is a smoke of tussle between shiv-sena and Bhajpa for  a 50-50 term this time. what you didn’t get it ? But you heard it right as according to some sources Udahv Thakrey want’s his parties cm candidate to be on the post for half the term.Is this really possible ? This probably won’t happen as the two parties are yet to give their statement on such news. But if it did happen we would be the first ones to give the news to you so stay tuned.