This weekend is Diwali  so which movie are you going to watch? have you decided yet ,no ?

We have taken this problem very seriously and are presenting you with a critical analysis of both the movies but if  you  don’t want to read the whole post I recommend you to watch Made in China out of the two as it is a total money saver and if you want to know why stick to the post.

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Well if you are an Akshay Kumar fan and don’t care if the movie is trash then you should probably skip this paragraph because this is worst sequel for the housefull franchise though Akshay tried really hard for the lame jokes to work but the weak script and story couldn’t hold up the movie as from the beginning the movie keeps going down. The only good thing about this movie is the ‘Bala’ song performed by  Akshay.Ritesh deshmukh doesn’t add up much to the film as he is just that character that he play’s in every comedy movie.


The story of the movie is just what the trailer tell us. Akshay Kumar just starts remembering his past life from 15th century  where he and his friends were going to marry their present girlfriends who were also their past loves but didn’t get married because of some reason and that reason is also going to repeat in present. OKAY ! Just wait right here , I know you are bored and confused but this is the film itself.

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This movie is worth a watch ,it is not a new concept but it is still better than it’s competition. The jokes were good and the script along with a strong story holds the movie till the end. All the expectations with Rajkumar Rao are met in this film so this film will not disappoint you if you are one of his fans.


In this film Rao plays the role of an unsuccessful Gujarati businessman who tries hard to be an entrepreneur then one day he gets an idea of solving sexual problems of men through a soup made in china for this he convinces  a Sexologist played by Boman Irani who is famous among the public and then they both get into business together to sell the soup. From beginning to the end movie is filled with good comedy and at the end there is message for the general public which is delivered well. So according to me the movie is worth a shot and can be enjoyed with family. Children below the age of 13 would not  understand the concept of film so parents can make them watch Housefull 4 and can watch Made in China by themselves.