TODAY like every year we celebrate the Air force day on 8 October for paying respect to our nation’s air warriors who protect us from the enemies of our country and give their life for us.

IAF celebrated 87th  year anniversary since the foundations were laid on this day.Their was a spectacular display of India’s air power and today we proved that in air combat we can defeat anybody with our trained air fighters and our powerful jets. IAF was founded on this day in 1932 and since then it has protected and fought for the country in various battles and recently with the Balakot air strike it proved the entire world that Indian Air force will eradicate the terrorists from the face of the earth.

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AN-32 jet began the event by making the colourful flag design by flag bearing sky divers.Home Minister Amit shah saluted the bravery and commitment of the IAF. Their were air  formations of IAF’S  vintage and modern aircraft’s.The fighters who performed the Balakot strike participated the event with their jets forming a formation with three MIG 2000 and 2 Su-30MKI air fighter’s. Wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman who became the star pilot recently flew the MIG Bison fighter jet.The major highlight of today was that our Defence minister Rajnath Singh received the first delivery of the most awaited Aircraft Rafale from France.


On multiple event’s the IAF proved that when it comes to protecting the motherland no one can surpass them, since the foundation of air force was laid much before the Independence they displayed their capabilities in the World War 2 against Japan in Burma.Since Independence India has been in War with the neighbouring countries and in every war airforce played a significance role by keeping the enemies out in wide sky.During the first war with Pakistan in 1947 and the second war too air fighters provided a leverage with close air fight over the enemies and by doing airlift operations.In 1999 Kargil war air fighters provided close air support to the ground army this strike was named as ‘operation safed sager’.Their has been various occasions when the air army proved it’s significance , whether it is our war against Sri Lanka or china they always came in support to the ground and naval force as always the three forces of India worked together in every situation to keep citizens safe as history is a  proof that citizens of our nation never faced threat during war as the matters were kept outside by our forces.