So the film joker is now the world number #1 film starring Joaquin Pheonix as  ‘Joker’.The movie has grossed over 650 million dollars approx and is still going strong in theatres all over world. Joaquine  Pheonix is being applauded for his outstanding performance as Arthur Fleck ‘the joker’. Previously the joker role was played by Heath Ledger in Batman the Dark Knight directed by Chirstopher Nolan and Heath Ledger  played the role of Joker in it which came to be known as one of the best creations in cinema  ever performed by an actor. So Joaquine was under pressure to do full justice for the role of Joker because of the major following for the comic book character worldwide and the 44 old actor did full justice to the role as being said by audiences and major movie critics around the world. The film is made under a budget of approximately 55-60 million dollars by Warner Bros. pictures,DC films and the character of Joker was created by the comic book company DC comics.

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The theme of the movie as depicted by the trailer itself is dark it basically  focuses around struggles of Joaquin’s character,  as the film is an origin story for Joker’s character. DC comics are known for their dark theme as they always touched the real life crimes and their brutality and how it affects society as a whole. The film depicts the divide between Rich and Poor always ends with riots within the city. In real life too it always starts with rich exploiting the poor people and then at the end when poor population can not take it anymore they revolt or riot. This is the main theme on which the story of Joaquine’s character is based.


Have you ever thought why Joker’s are scary in a weird way when are meant for our laugh. This aspect of clown’s were brought by Bill Finger,Bob kane and Jerry Robinson in their first issue ever comic book of Batman the hero of Gotham city who protects the city at night. The clown character was based on the fact how society conditions sometimes becomes responsible for creation of villains who turns upon the society seeking revenge through crime and violence. But at the end their is always victory of Good over Evil no matter how powerful the evil force is it can never outlive the hero. The comic book was an instant success which gave birth to one of the most popular fictionalised comic book characters of all time Batman and Joker. In comics Arthur(clown) is the illegitimate son of Thomas Wayne who is father of Bruce Wayne(Batman) which makes them brothers. There is a bond between the characters from the beginning of the story which remains till the date as no other villain in batman comics has ever been able to take the place of the joker. The character is so influential that even till date clowns are symbolised with horror and sometimes serial killers.