‘HOWDY ,MODI ! ‘ not only  India but now the entire world is now saying this.India’s honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi was invited by the US government on to address their country with his kind words at the NRG Stadium Houston,Texas,United States.This event was viewed by 50,000 people in the stadium itself and billions of people around the world.This event was to strengthen the bond between India and United States Of America.PM addressed everyone from the stage  and Trump gave a heart warming speech.


  • The event started with a warm greeting by 60 senators for Indian PM and it is very rare for so many American senators to assemble at one place for greeting a foreign leader.
  • This was followed by cultural events in respect of  the guest  the highlights of the event was the Dandiya performance.
  • The stadium was holding 50,000 Indian-Americans and this is to be the first time in US that so many people has gathered for a foreign leader.
  • The major highlight of the event was the speech by two of the most powerful leaders in the world at the moment.

                                                             Image source – wikipedia (https://bit.ly/2mlgwjb)

  • Indian PM gave the powerful speech of taking stand against the countries that support terrorism (Pakistan) and how India is taking a firm stand against it.He also mentioned about the decision of revoking article 370 and how it was necessary for Jammu and Kashmir.He also talked about how necessary it is for both the nations to strengthen the security on border.He also mentioned India’s decision of the corporate tax cut in India and how it will give way for foreign investment.

                                                              Image source – WIKIPEDIA (https://bit.ly/2jrmLhp)

  • President Donald Trump  also gave a very heart touching speech in which he also widely spoke on the topic of terror supporting countries and US model against them.He talked about the future of the relationship between two countries and how it will benefit both of their economy and bring more jobs for citizens.He talked about how the border security is important for United States and how his government is working for that.He called Modi his friend and a tough Negotiator.
  • At the end of the event Both the leaders took a circle around the stadium’s audience and waved,they were surrounded by guards and senators who were walking with them.This was the most power full moment of the event as this showed that world super power is on our side.


This event was covered by world media on huge extent and everyone called this move of India a master stroke,in Pakistan this news was ignored.In India public reaction to this is positive and political reaction is also the same if we ignore the meaningless arguments made by the opposition.Bollywood celebrities came forward to Thank Prime Minister for his remarkable job,some notable names who came forward are Akshay Kumar,Salman Khan,Karan Johar,Rishi Kapoor and Abhishekh  Bachchan.


Image source – https://bit.ly/2l8q9S2