On Friday Indian NBA fans and the world witnessed the debut match of the basketball sport.The match was between Indiana Pacers and Sacremento Kings.This event was one hell of a debut performance of the sport as the match ended with the win of Pacer’s but due to a point after the draw between two teams.King’s lost their first pre-season game by 132-131 though they took over the first half but the oppenent soon came at par, the decision of the game was taken after pacer’s scored a point in the regulation time and won the match.

Everyone was fingures crossed as no one expected the first match of the pre-season to be so breathtaking and intense.After the match head coaches of the teams addressed the press conference,winning team coach came forward to tell how the Pacer’s were not performing in the first 24 minutes but regained hope in the second half and extra time in the same way Sacremento performed well in first half but gassed out against Indiana in the second half and extra time and failed to score a ponit in the regulation time and this is the reason why they lost.

The second match is being played today in SVP Stadium in Mumbai, you can watch the broadcast on SONY  LIV  live.


The red carpet of the first event of this season was marked by some of the biggest name’s in Bollywood.Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, Ranvijay Singh, Richa Chada, Parineeti Chopra and followed by the internet sensation Bhavam Bham were present at the red carpet.It’s nice to see Bollywood coming together to promote the Pre season event of the sport as this can mark the uprise of a new industry in the country giving oppurtunities to the talented young players.


Adam Silver is the commissioner of league and according to him the mission of the basketball federation in the country is to start a league in five years and for that they want to see the potential of Indian players and for thet reason they are aiming towards gathering audience.Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself have promissed the company for new quality arena’s accross the country to promote the sport.This sport has a long way to go in our country and will be successful as in the past we have proven to have potential for the sport and that’s what Adam Silver also think’s.