The Indian government passed the Motor vehicle bill  which was applicable from September 1 2019 after the bill their was a sudden restlessness in the public due to the increased challan rates . It is a one day strike that the United Front Of Transport Association announced that the fifty transport associations would be going on a one day strike in order to persuade the government to reconsider the increased challans . Rikshaws , Auto’s , Private buses , school buses , private school vans and Gramin sevas may  not be found on road . Airlines have also issued notice for it’S passenger’s about the travel guidelines .


Well now you know that their is a strike so you can take certain measures to avoid being late on work .

  1. Some schools might be closed today because of the strike but if your child’s school is not closed you either have to drop him/her by your own transport or online cab service apps can be put to use today .
  2. Same measures should be taken while going to work but if you are commuting through metro’s you won’t find an e-rikshaw so you might have to walk to the place or take a cab instead so you should leave early than your usual time.


So the bill got mixed reviews by the public as it happens in a democracy everyone have their own opinions regarding a government decision .General perception regarding the bill is positive as after that their was an expected change in view of the roads as people now were wearing helmets and carrying their documents with them to not to get caught .

This is of importance for the safety of people on roads as most accidents that happen on daily are the ones that could have been avoided if proper precautions taken . The increased price of challans is not to steal money from people but to scare them to obey traffic rules .

India is not the first country to pass such kind of strict laws as in many foreign countries punishment for not obeying the laws might be more strict than ours.If we keep this in mind that this rule that government has passed is to for our own safety and obey the rules while being vigilant for the safety of others on road , we might avoid deaths of people from unwanted or avoidable accidents .

It is a bit of a headache for instance because most of us never followed these rules but now its time to follow them and care for ourselves , people related to us and those on roads . If we would not support our government than who would .