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Ranu Maria Mondal , this name may quite seem familiar to you as she has been as  viral as a celebrity and have been  all over news and singing shows after her video went viral from Ranaghat junction railway station uploaded by her now manager  Atindra Chakraborty.


She has always been homeless since 19 year of age when her parents died and she got married at the same age .She has one daughter who left her 10 years ago and for a long time she has been singing at the Railway station for filling her stomach with whatever amount she gets from people daily commuting at the station in form of their offerings to her .


Atindra Chakraborty spotted her on the railway station while she was singing  ”  Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai ” sung by Lata Mangeshkar on which the singer also praised her perfect singing voice , Atindra posted her video on various social networking sites from where she went viral and came under spotlight.


Salman Khan who is known for his generosity came forward for the aid of new found talented voice and gifted her a house worth 55 lakhs and if rumours are true he is also planning to sign her for recording songs in Dabangg 3 but it is yet to be confirmed .

since she became viral many big names in bollywood has came forward to applaud her gifted voice and Himesh Reshammiya has recorded three songs with her for his upcoming movie Happy .

She has also appeared in the reality show superstar singer as a guest , whatever Ranu has achieved in past week is a dream of millions of people and she is also getting praises for her voice all over the country.


This incident once again displays the power of social media which has completely changed the life of new singer  their was a time when she was crying for not being able to make a single penny in a day to becoming one of the most talked singing sensation in a short time or a overnight success.


It is  a point view that her success is an overnight success but it came after a struggle of decades on railway station for some small amount of money so unknowingly Ranu has been practicing  her gifted voice for so many years which makes her success as a true example of  hard work and luck.