The Motor Vehicle bill 2019 changed the scene of roads where large number people who had no habit of wearing helmets , stopping at red light  , controlling speed , giving way to ambulance and wearing seat belts  are trying hard to obey these rules because of the new inflated prices of traffic challans which has increased unexpectedly after this bill

These rules are for our safety only but sometimes by not obeying these simple rules we put not only our own but other people’s  lives  at danger in daily routine . So the intention behind the government step is positive and we  should not criticize this decision but should support it in all ways possible .

Though their are some problems with the implementation of the bill as some of traffic police officers deputed  are asking for bribe and this time since challan rate has increased their bribes have also got richer which can put this positive step of government to improve the conditions of road  fall prey to failure and it will only make those corrupt officers richer .


  1. For  drink and drive new  rate is 10000 rupees and old rate was 2000 rs.
  2. Without licence driving new   is 5000 and old rate  was 500.
  3. Rash driving new rate is up to 5000 and old price was 1000.
  4. vehicles without permit would now have to pay 10000 and earlier the amount was 5000.
  5. Under age driving will now have serious consequences as now the guardian will be held guilty and he/she will pay 25000 as fine and will suffer 3 year imprisonment .juvenile would be held under juvenile justice act ,earlier their was no rule against this.
  6. driving without seat belts can now cost you 1000 rupees , earlier it was only 100 rupees .



Obviously in India this type of bill  could not go smoothly because majority of  us have never obeyed with the law , we have always relied on shortcuts by paying bribe to the corrupt officers instead of paying challan . After the bill passed there were numerous incidents of expensive challan being registered and being collected but one that popularised the most is the man who got a bill of 23000 rupees which is half the rate of vehicle he was driving or can be called as the second hand value of the vehicle.Another incident that grabbed attention is when one man put his bike on fire in front of the  police officer.

In this kind of situation the only good thing we can do as citizens is support to our government .Their may be few instances when you may get frustated and start to loose your temper over the inflated price but you should know that  all this is being done improve your  road safety . It will be observed with time whether this reduces road accidents or not but in general this move is revolutionary .




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