So is it finaly the time when GOD Rama will be awarded justice on his land.The confilct arises because many years ago on the land where hindus text claim that Ram Lala(infant form of  Lord Rama) was born Babur built a masjid popularly known as Baburi Masjid after demolition a temple there. The issue came to light when Bharatiya  Janata Parrty (BJP) took the duty of reclaiming Hindu sites on their shoulders and Ram janambhumi is one of most important site for Hindus as the GOD represnts the religion.

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L.K Advani the BJP leader led Rath yatra  for reclaiming the birth place of Lord Rama and building a temple as according to him if Muslims have the right to practice their religion in Masjids and Christians have right to practice their religion in churchs then Hindu’s deserve the lace of their Lord back for worshipping their God. The YATRA reasulted in riots all over the country as people from both the religions were fighting each other to defend their religious sentiments because of this Advani was arrested for giving fire to the riots. Large number of people died during the riots and the baim fall on V.P. Singh’s government of not being able to control the situation and for being too weak , as a result BJP withdrew it’s support from the government and re-elections took place forming a new government of Bharatiya Janata Pary with considerable number of seats in support. In 1992 a rally was organised by BJP with 150000 kar sevaks and VHP ,during the rally their were some heated speech’s by the leaders that sparket the fumes within the audience and they demolished the mosque all kinds of tools and machines and brought it to ground. This situatind took place after the state promised to protect the mosque at all cost to the supreme court , the riot was being stopped by police forces and paramilitary but they were not enough infront of enraged citizens which ended up with deaths of nearly 2000 people or may be more.


The archeological department of India stated that during the excavations they found structures indicating the presence of a temple before the mosque although they are not if it is a Ram Lala’s temple or not. But their sure is evidence of presence of a temple. Some of the text related to Lord Ram’s birth never indicating towrds Ayodhya being a pilgrimage site but according to hindus’s the temple was built in respect of their lord to mark the place of his birth and temple represents integrity if their Dharma.

A recorded text from East India company from William Fench states that people visited Ayodhya for visiting temple’s and casatles of Lord Rama.


The final Judgement is still reserved as of now the SUpreme court judge Ranjan Gogoi ordered both sides to present notes on moulding releif for cutting down the issue on which court has to give decision.